by Mary Alissa Wilson

A Note To My Happy Trails Visitors:

Welcome to my Happy Trails website. These stories, mostly about fun and educational adventures with kids, were written as a way to share field trip ideas with the homeschooling (and larger!) community. They were originally written for two Charlottesville area homeschool support group newsletters and one statewide organization, The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers. I homeschooled my three children between 1990 and 2006. That means these articles are dated. Please understand that I keep the website available for visitors looking for inspiration and you should always check the facts as you plan your own journeys!

Happy Trails,
Mary Alissa Wilson
Email: mary@trailz.org
April, 2008

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Washington National Cathedral
Natural Bridge
Norfolk Botanical Garden
Museum of American Presidents
Thomas Jefferson's Academical Village
Carolton Farm & Fiber
The Rescue Museum
Tuckahoe Plantation
"National" Physics Day at U.Va.
Science Museum of Virginia - Richmond
Gettysburg National Military Park
Flint Ink
P. Buckley Moss Museum
Wade's Mill

The JASON Project

Virginia Museum of Natural History
Old Michie Tavern
U. S. National Arboretum
Humpback Rocks Mountain Farm
C&O Canal National Park
Department of Forestry
The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum
Meals on Wheels
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Cabins
In Loving Memory
Camp Superkids
Gypsy Hill Park
BikeCentennial and The Cookie Lady
Rivanna Greenbelt
Not-So-Happy Trails
In and Around Charlottesville
Sherando Lake
The Journey West
McIntire Road Recycling Center
Maymont Park
Whatever Happened to Washoe?
Junior Development Tennis Clinics
Blackrock Summit
Homeward Bound
Learning to Drive...Again
Belle Isle
Family Volunteering
Boy Scouts of America
Old Rag Mountain
Mountain Lake
VA Homeschoolers Website
Virginia Safari Park