The Department of Forestry
Charlottesville,VA (434) 977-6555

The Department of Forestry has moved to a grand office in Fontaine Research Park, off of Fontaine Ave. in Charlottesville. Just follow the signs once you enter the area. Parking is easy.

Before you go, call ahead and ask for George Nelson. Do all you can to schedule a time when he will be there (he’s the best)! Once there, I suggest you begin by asking about their posters. They’re fantastic; covering such topics as birds, wildflowers, snakes, lizards, edible plants, trees, leaves, butterflies, and much more. They are beautiful, informative, and free (and much better organized than at the old location)! Then find out if they have any Smokey the Bear supplies. In the past, we have received Smokey the Bear baseballs, bandannas, key chains, water bottles, comic books (The True Story of Smokey the Bear), coloring books, pencils, pens, frisbees, puzzles, bumper stickers, etc. All of which is free. The stock is always changing and George is friendly to those who learn at home.

On your way out, notice the Department of Minerals across the hall. Enter the waiting room to see an incredible crystal! They offer free rock samples (that are common to Virginia) mounted and described. They are also happy to identify rocks you find and have trouble identifying.

Mary Wilson...

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